Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moving On...

I didn't feel right about posting any new updates before saying a final farewell to New Jersey and reminiscing about some of the things we are leaving behind. 

Things we won't miss:

The stairs of death in our pre-1850 apartment

The yucky hot, humid weather that makes wearing clothing uncomfortable, even during our move in May!

Living among people who need signs to remind them to do things we consider common courtesy (but who generally do whatever they feel like anyway)

There are also lots of things that we will truly miss.
Like going for walks in our lovely old neighborhood



We will really miss our beautiful Van Vorst Park. We loved spending time there and meeting all the other neighborhood kids without backyards.


But mostly we will miss all of the wonderful friends we left behind. We hope to see you again soon!




BUB said...

That girl's beauty and cuteness is KILLING me!! She is so cute.

So, do you think you will miss more things than things that you won't miss? That was a confusing sentence. But you're smart you can figure it out.

Those stairs are awesome!! But I guess not for a little girl who is on the move.

Michael Steed said...

Every once in awhile I get a whif of a smell that reminds me of New York, like when I take the garbage out or go to the fruit and veg markets and smell rotten produce! Haha. I bet you miss a lot, what a great experience.

Michael Steed said...

oops I am signed in on Michael's account